Review Pitch Perfect 2.

The Bella's Photo by Universal

The Bella’s
Photo by Universal

Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect 2. Photo by UNIVERSAL.

Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect 2. Photo by UNIVERSAL.

Pitch Perfect 2.

Fat Amy, Rebel Wilson, steals the film which is silly fun. The film opens with Rebel Wilson exposing herself to President and Michelle Obama at a competition. Because of the fiasco, The Bella’s are banned from performing unless they win a championship in Europe.

The movie is silly but I have to say that I found most of it very entertaining and strangely empowering. It is nice to see a large woman get her due in Hollywood, even if her character is named ” Fat Amy”. ( She is really hilarious especially in a side love scene which I wont spoil for you.) The women take a trip to get back their voice as a team. The group did remind me of my sorority days. It happened to be a very sweet story about friendship and bonding as well as team work.

It did seem a bit insane that the entire group could just pick up and pay for a trip to Europe to be able to sing and save the Bella’s. In addition there is a funny scene in the film when many previous classes of Bella’s go to Europe to help them take the title. Some of the previous Bella’s work as major reporters for major news networks one example was Robyn Roberts. While it was not realistic, it was a good time.


Four stars out of five.

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