Review Of “Skylight”

Bill Nighy( The Best and Second Best Marigold Hotel) plays,  Tom Sergeant, a wealthy, older, entrepreneur used to getting his way. He meets, Kyra Hollis played by Carey Mulligan, who plays an 18-year-old who works at his restaurant. They have an affair, and he is married to a dying woman. Tom leaves romantic letters out for his wife to see, and Kyra leaves him as the affair is exposed.

Tom realizes that his true love was Kyra and when his wife dies several years later he goes to find her. They have a deep connection, great sex and passion but Kyra wants to be able to live her life without being controlled by Tom. It is a play about the power play, passion, and choices.

Bill Nighy and Carey Mulligan have a connection that is truly magical, and the play is sad, disturbing and you can’t look away.  Is love a power play? What must one sacrifice for love?

The play is riveting and worth a visit.  It runs for 13 weeks only and is playing at the Golden.

Corine’s pick.

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