Review of ” THE BUTLER”

Review of " THE BUTLER"

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Review of ” The Butler”


The Butler is based on Eugene Allen who was 89 years old and served 8 Presidents from the 50’s through the 80’s. The story is about racial equality and a must see film.

The all star cast includes one of my favorite Broadway actors Colman Domingo whom I discovered while seeing ” Passing Strange on Broadway when he played MR VENUS- Screaming “WHAT’S INSIDE IS JUST A LIE” Well. I knew Colman was a star then and he is a stand out in this wonderful film . In addition there are great performances by Oprah, Cuba Gooding Jr and Forest Whitaker.

The film is very violent and shows the arduous journey that Cecil and Cecil’s family endure to obtain equal rights.

This film is a Corine’s pick and in my opinion worthy of many Oscar nominations and hopefully wins. This is Corine Cohen for the Broadway Showbiz Network.

Side note: Colman Domingo’s acting chops blew me away and what’s inside this film is not a lie.

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