Review of Minions.

minionsYou can’t have anything but a great time at this film. It is perfect for kids and more perfect for adults that act like kids. I had not seen the previous films and after seeing this film I will have to rent them. This film, however, was hilarious, cute, and the adorable minions are really hard to dislike even if they are seeking to find a Master of evil to rule them. They seem anything but evil, and the next film should be about how they seek to do good in the universe.

This film shows how the minions started  way back (B.C. before Gru) with the dinosaurs to the late 60’s. The tiny yellow creatures that love bananas are in need to find a ruler of evil and they lose many because they are not very sophisticated. They are like small yellow Marx brothers.  They are in search of a sinister ruler and go out to find one. They end up hitch hiking  to an evil convention (EVIL CON) of sorts and there are many funny jokes that will go over a kids head. This film is really for adults that were born in the 60’s. It is an adorable film and I would give it three yellow bananas.

Three large bananas!

Corine Cohen

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