“FULLY COMMITTED” is especially hilarious if you dine in restaurants or work in the restaurant industry. The play was written by Becky Mode, and it recently opened on Broadway at the Lyceum Theatre. I attended last evening and spotted celebrity Broadway star and funny joke writer Bruce Vilanch, who is charming and friendly.

The show is a brilliant tour de force played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who was in “Spelling Bee” on Broadway and most recently he is on Modern Family. Ferguson plays over 40 comic roles, and the show makes fun of the crazy business we call food. He shows different personalities at fancy restaurants and the crazy foodies that will do anything for a table at the new hot spot. (Even if that hot spot serves dirt over the food. I am serious DIRT!)

He even mentions  Andre’ Bishop, from Lincoln Center theatre. I was surprised they didn’t update the stars to include the Kardashian clan. The show ran many years ago, and it is as funny now as it was in the past, maybe even more ridiculous for me as I dabble in restaurant social media, and I have seen all of it.

Jesse plays a reservation agent at a hot downtown restaurant that serves vegan food. They get very annoying calls from 40 different people trying to get into the restaurant and shows how they treat customers from celebs to VIPS and even food photographers. It is hysterical to hear how the Chef talks to the staff and Jesse has a red phone that goes directly to the Chefs office. He is in a tiny boiler room taking reservations all day and how he keeps track of all the characters blows me away. It made me hungry but not for dirt. The people trying to make a reservation must get into the top hot spot as it is a status symbol and they don’t care how they treat the poor reservationist. The show is based on actual experiences of the writer when working in the restaurant business.

If you want to laugh, you need to check this show out. You will be highly entertained, and you will be satisfied and hungry for more!

Bravo to Jesse Tyler Ferguson for his brilliant acting and congratulations on your Drama Desk nomination for the role.  This review gets five golden forks! I would give you a Michelin award if I could.

Corine Dana Cohen

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