Review: How To Be Single.

Review: How To Be Single.The best comedy of the year is surely How To Be Single. Rebel Wilson and the rest of the cast are an absolute blast for anyone 15+. Comedy and drama are exquisitely balanced in this fantastic film as relationships, and dating is deconstructed and reconstructed to the amusement of the audience. The cast, playing good looking yuppies, goes through the motions of dating, meeting new people and advancing relationships.

The all too well known typical bar scene that so many of us are accustomed to is hilariously portrayed as the thinking processes of male and female genders are blatantly exposed, revealing the insecurities and misconceptions that many people are aware of, although they are rarely openly discussed in front of the fairer sex and vice versa. That being said this movie is the ideal date movie for anyone. The characters are so very relatable and likeable. The movie is sure to become a cult classic for this generation


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