Review: Ghostbusters.

Review: Ghostbusters.Ghostbusters: The all-female remake of the famous film with improved special effects and many laughs.  I was very entertained by the film. There have been a lot of nasty remarks from men who didn’t want to see a remake of the classic film, and I disagree. I found the new film engrossing, silly and a great night out at the movies. When the first movie was being filmed, I was walking home from school, and there were soap bubbles all over CPW where part of the film was shot. I was told that the big marshmallow ghost exploded, and I got the suds all over my shoes. I will always have that memory, and I enjoyed this film as well. This film is not scary and fun for the whole family.

Three out of four stars. This is light entertainment but I was laughing out loud. The actors are very funny and you will be entertained.

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