• 'RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET. 'Theater lovers must go and see this adorable film with a few songs by Alan Menken. The Princess scene was worth the price of admission and the rest of the film was fabulous as well. A very creative Disney gem. I loved it!  It is playing now. The story is about friendship. Ralph and his friend need to find a missing part to save his friends game from being unplugged and they go into the internet to search for the missing piece. It is hilarious and touching. My favorite animated film of the year.

Sarah Silverman and John C. Reilly are terrific as is the music from Alan Menken. A must for all Disney fans as it makes fun of Disney stereotypes.  I liked it more than the first one. Worth seeing again. So much charm!

Corine Cohen

Listen to podcast below:

Sarah Silverman wins first award of the season. BEST FEMALE VOICE IN AN ANIMATED FILM. Listen to the podcast below.

The Disney Princesses.  Photo by Disney.

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