” This Is Our Youth”

” This Is Our Youth” features three 20 somethings who are from wealthy upper west side families. Warren (Michael Cera) has a fight with his Father, and his Father asks him to move out. He then steals $15,000 from his Fathers room. Warren is a clueless, pot smoking teen with little ambition except to win over Jessica Goldstein a friend of his drug dealer friends ( Culkin) girlfriend.

The show takes place in the 80’s when Ronald Regan was President. The kids deal drugs to pay for their lifestyle. When, Warren is kicked out he takes the girl of his dreams to The Plaza and spends $2000 in one night. They also score coke and plan to sell it along with Warren’s antique collection of toys to pay back the money he spent at the Plaza.

The show is clever and worth seeing, but leave the kids at home.


Michael Cera is the strongest of this cast and deserves a nomination for his performance in this play.

Corine Cohen, The show is open through January 4th.

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