” The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.”

Spoiler alert: Read at your own risk.


” The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.’

Walter Mitty is a lonely, sad man who instead of living his life he has wild fantasies about a life he would like to live. He has a giant crush on a co worker ( Kristen Wiig) and secretly pines for her. She does not know he exists. When LIFE magazine is taken over by some clueless dot.com management, Walter Mitty escapes his dreams and goes out to make his dreams reality. He finds his purpose, the girl and a real life.

The film stars Ben Stiller who plays the role and directs the film. It happens to be Stiller’s best role yet. The film has gorgeous photography and while it might not be realistic it does provide entertainment and fun. This film is for the romantic dreamers not for the cynic.

Corine Dana Cohen

As a dreamer 5 stars.

Romantic date flick. A Corine’s pick for the dreamer.Stiller is great. There are some very funny parodies of other films which had me roaring.

Photo supplied by Fox entertainment.

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