” A Gentleman’s Guide To Love & Murder”



 It was great to revist ” A Gentleman’s Guide To Love & Murder” I saw this show a very long time ago and seeing it again was a blast! First, I must say the costumes by Linda Cho were the most beautiful costumes of the season.  Lisa O’Hare’s multiple red silky, satiny dresses with glitter and jewels were nothing short of spectacular.Theatre World Award winner Lauren Worsham was looking simply stunning in her blue sparkly dress with matching blue hat.

Lisa O’ Hare and Lauren Worsham have glorious voices that impressed.  Jefferson May’s was on the stage for almost the entire show playing 9 million roles with 9 million costume changes. The funniest character being  a well endowed weight lifting buffoon. His performance was truly special and I got exhausted watching him. How he does all those roles 8 times a week is really beyond my understanding. There is hardly a minute when he is not on stage and in a different costume.

The plot involves Monty Navarro who is the lead character. As the play starts Monty is mourning the loss of his Mother. A friend of his Mother visits Monty to let him know he is related to the very rich and powerful D’Ysquith family. Monty plots his revenge and takes out his entire family so he can inherit the family fortune and hopefully marry the girl of his dreams. He actually falls for two ladies, The blonde, passionate Sibella ( Lisa O’Hare) and the adorable brunette Phoebe, (Lauren Worsham)

This farce, is the silliest of all time but it’s a lot of fun. If you are seeking a fun night out ” A Gentleman’s Guide” delivers!

Corine Cohen for The Broadway Showbiz Network.

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