Podcast Review of “Honeymoon In Vegas”

Podcast Review of " Honeymoon In Vegas" 1Corine Cohen’s Podcast Review of ” Honeymoon In Vegas”


I loved the entire cast in this production. Tony Danza does an incredible tap dance, The Flying Elivii are really funny and some of the campy and hilarious and touching score is moving. It’s a big, splashy and funny musical and a Corine’s Pick.¬†BOOK BY ANDREW BERGMAN MUSIC AND LYRICS BY JASON ROBERT BROWN

Everyone worked well together and the show was very entertaining and a very energetic show. It is all about fun. Go see this show. If you like incredible music, lyrics, a funny and campy book and great dance, singing and direction you must see this show. Be prepared to laugh, cry and be entertained. In a time when the World is a mess, it’s nice to escape to “Honeymoon In Vegas” you will JUMP JUMP JUMPITY JUMP TO YOUR FEET for a standing ovation.

Corine Cohen



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