Philippe By Philippe Chow.

chow1I have always been a fan of Chinese food and I thought I have tasted the best but until last night I was mistaken. Philippe by Philippe Chow is in a league by itself. Our meal last night was perfection. Out of 10 stars for food it was a perfect score. We were there for a tasting and were given half portions on many dishes and each one was perfect.

My favorite appetizers were the chicken satay with an amazing peanut sauce and the Chef Chow’s lettuce wrap. It was outstanding and tasted like chicken moo shu with a hoison sauce and instead of a doughy fattening carb wrap they used crisp iceberg lettuce instead. I would order this as it was a must. We also tried the duck spring rolls which were excellent and they have excellent dumplings but the Chef Chow’s lettuce wrap was scrumptious and in another league.

We also tried the crispy beef which was perfection but my favorite dish was the American Black Bass with bean sauce and garlic sauce. This dish was the best of the meal and my friend loved the Green Prawns which was very spicy served with lot’s of peppers.

Zagat gives Philippe Chow a 24 for food but I would give it a perfect score. In addition to the perfect food we were also impressed with the amazing service by Enrique our server. The service was the best of any chinese restaurant I have ever been to. We dined, there was no rushing, the dishes were presented with style and it was one of the best meals of my entire life.

This is not a greasy inexpensive chinese experience. If you can afford it go here over anywhere else. If you have a special event this is the place. It will ,make it difficult to look at greasy chinese takeout again,

Philippe Chow is perfection in every sense and a must if you love to dine not eat.

Photos by Corine Cohen




33 East 60th.

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