New Column: Celeb Spotting NYC.

Welcome to a new column called Celeb Spotting. We will post on celebs spotted at hot spots or even on the streets of New York. Yesterday we spotted:


New Column: Celeb Spotting NYC. 3


1, Laura Osnes: Eating an Ice Cream cone in HK. She seemed to be enjoying it. Sadly, I didn’t have time to take a photo. ( She was eating a vanilla McDonalds $1 cone and walked and ate it as she was on the run. I didn’t say anything but she looked very happy. ( We all love Ice Cream on a nice Spring day!) Laura was discovered in Grease Live and played “Cinderella” a few blocks from where I saw her eating her cone. She was also Bonnie in “Bonnie and Clyde” on Broadway and was incredible in that production as well.

2. Spotted at American Psycho On Broadway was DWTS star Kym Johnson with her fiance and dance partner from DWTS Robert who is the nicest SHARK on “ABC TV’S SHARK TANK” They were also hanging out with Carson Kressley, DWTS Alumni and “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” back in the day when he was discovered.

Just a small sample of stars that I ran into in NYC. Here are some photos of KYM Johnson. She was in the DWTS Tour at the Beacon two years ago and I was covering it as press and was given a badge to take photos. She and Robert make a gorgeous couple. They announced they were engaged a few weeks ago on many talk shows. I wish them all the happiness in the World.

On April 16th, Woody Allen was spotted at the “Father” I sadly, missed it but he was there according to my source. In addition a few weeks ago I was at a matinee of the “Crucible” and both Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson were spotted there. I was in the front and missed that as well. I need to start paying more attention!

Corine Dana Cohen

Here are some photos of her dancing at the Beacon two years ago. Sadly, I have never chatted with them but I am a fan of both.

New Column: Celeb Spotting NYC.

New Column: Celeb Spotting NYC. 6

Photo by Corine Cohen

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