Netflix Rentals Of The Month.


Welcome to a new series which will happen once a month. There are times you want to watch a film at home. So at least once a month I will be picking Netflix films worth seeing. 

The first pick is a romantic drama called A Little Bit Of Heaven starring Kate Hudson, Treat Williams and Whoppi Goldberg.

Kate Hudson plays a woman advertising Executive that is dying of Cancer and she lives her life before her death. It is a wonderful rental and can be found on Netflix.

It is a chic flick but totally worth seeing on a rainy, cold night. Popcorn is cheaper as well.


A Christmas Kiss

This was a made for Television movie that is perfect for Lifetime. It is very predictable yet it was worth seeing on a cold Christmas Night.

This film will only appeal to romantics and  for women only. It was silly but an enjoyable rental. Both films can be found on Netflix


A Christmas Kiss is very corny and silly with every romantic cliche including a horse and carriage ride with Prince Charming. Surprised this film was not made by Disney. It is a modern day Cinderella. Even with all of that it was an enjoyable watch for the right price. Unlimited streaming is only $8.00 a month.

Corine Dana Cohen

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