Movie Rental Picks

I seldom see every movie in the theater which is why I have Netflix and showtime as well as a few other movie channels. I have decided to compile a list of great films you can rent on Netflix. It will be a work in progress. This list will be updated several times a week and it will include one hit and one miss.


1. Quartet is a must see and you can find it on Netflix. It is about some very famous older musicians that raise money to save their old age home by performing a small  gala benefit. The film is shot on a gorgeous estate and the acting by Maggie smith is enough to see this film. Charming film that is worth renting.

2. The Wolf of Wall Street- This film is disgusting and filthy and if you like a movie where every other word is an F- Bomb, sex scenes, and more. It was revolting and I have no idea how this film was nominated for best film. Miss this at all costs.( Thumbs down I will give it the middle finger)

3. For children: Frozen and Rio 2 are must see videos. Great animation, great music by Bobby Lopez and In Rio 2 Chenoweth plays a love sick frog which is enough to see this adorable and clever film. I enjoyed it more than the kids.

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