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When you walk into the movie theatre to see “Men in Black 3” you are not going to see a ‘deep’ film but to be entertained and “MIB3” is entertaining–maybe mindless, but entertaining. It has been 15 years since the first “Men In Black” and though it helps to have seen that for a better understanding about the relationship between agent J (Will Smith) and agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) it’s not a necessity. It seems like every 2 minutes there is a new special effect and most are special along with many being funny.

The story in films like this really isn’t that important but through a little twisiting of events agent J uses a special time piece to go back to 1969 and, as he is told “…not the best time for people of color.” The villain, Boris the animal (Jemaine Clement) , who had his arm shot off many years before by agent K, is also going back in time to change that course of history by killing the agent while agent J wants to stop the young agent K (Josh Brolin) from shooting Boris’s arm off and, of course, to stop the latter from blowing up the world, I think!

Over the 15 years Tommy Lee Jones doesn’t look a day older while Will Smith going from 29 to 44, still looks good but certainly not 29. They both do a good job with their characters. Clement hams it up as he should, especially since he has little ugly creatures coming out of all parts of his body.

Josh Brolin should be a top star now, especially after his performences  in “Milk”, “W”, “American Gangster” and “No Country For Old Men” that he really shinned in, and I think one more role will put him over the top. As a young Tommy Lee Jones he does a fantastic job, not imitating him, but being a toung Tommy Lee through voice, movements and attitudes.
Emma Thompson, as agent O, has a laugh out loud moment that is a far cry from many other characters she has played. She did remind me of Julie Andrews every time she was on screen.

Her younger version is a perky Alice Eve and Michael  Stuhlbarg, as Griffin, who can see what and/or will happen in the future and can bring moments like the Mets winning the championship to the present, is a hoot. Bill Hader has a cameo playing Andy Warhol.
We are in 1969, when the first moon landing takes place, and all you can do is put aside any logic on what’s happening in the movie and enjoy the place and time.

“Men In Black 3” is one of those movies that you will enjoy as you watch it and forget as you walk out of the movie theatre.

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