Meet The Breeds- Westminster Kennel Club Weekend Starts.

Meet The Breeds- Westminster Weekend Starts.

Photo and videos by Corine Cohen. Meet The Breeds 2015.

On a freezing winter day thousands of dog lovers and breeders and dog people came to ” Meet The Breeds” a joint event with the AKC and Westminster dog show. The line to get into the show was way over an hour but it was well worth the wait. Corine Cohen Puppyratzi, braved the cold to get some photos of the cutest dogs around. She will also be attending on Monday and Tuesday so look for more coverage here.

An FYI, Corine arrived at 1:30 and did not get in until 3:00 the dogs were very tired as they were there as early as 7 AM. So please excuse the exhausted dog photos.





Check out the Westminster press conference in 2013. Westminster starts tomorrow!

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