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Photo by Jeremy DanielMARJORIE PRIME


” Marjorie Prime” takes place when “PRIMES”  (Robots) are used to help older people remember happier times in their lives.

The play opens when “Marjorie” is in her eighties and her daughter and Son in Law take care of her. They get her a robot called a prime to take care of her when they are not around. This robot is supposed to be Marjorie’s husband when he was in his early thirties a time when they had a jubilant marriage.

The robot talks to Marjorie and offers her comfort by helping her remember happier times. It also nags her and says “Eat your peanut Butter” as Marjorie does not eat.

The play also makes you think about relationships and family and makes you think about Artificial Intelligence. Are robots going to take over? Can you buy a robot to help the elderly? Could lonely people create a robot husband, lover or mate? Is this the near future?

Think of the good that could come from this. There is also the bad, as robots could replace people in jobs and many other ways.

Can you imagine ordering a robot to look like Hugh Jackman, dance like a ballroom dancer and make passionate love to you? Sounds, crazy no? !Imagine being able to take that perfect Prime to that VIP event and being able to dance the night away with an excellent ballroom dancer, not having to bring a gal friend because you don’t have a significant other.  While a robot could never replace a real person, it could be a way to help lonely people. What’s next K-9 A robotic dog from DR WHO? We already have those. They don’t need to be fed, walked. They don’t bark, and they don’t offer what the fuzzy alive dog offers. Or do they?

Run to see this very entertaining and exciting play. It is playing Off-Broadway at Playwrights Horizons. There is also a rumor that the play will be made into a feature film starring Jon Hamm.



Corine Cohen



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