Man Of Steel.

Man Of Steel


If you are a Superman fan, MAN OF STEEL is the best of the series. This Superman has come a long way with incredible sets, action, adventure and the most breathtaking special effects. This version is not a love story between Superman and Lois Lane this version explains who Superman is, where he came from and shows flash backs.

Henry Cavill with his gorgeous perfect cheek bones, massive  shoulders and stunning blue eyes will make every teenage girl and gay teen swoon. He will make you weak in the knees and need a cold shower. He is handsome and can act and you only want to watch him.

This film is rated PG 13 as there is a lot of violence and fighting scenes which might not be appropriate for small children but otherwise the movie will entertain,

 For special effects 10 stars, story 7, Acting: 8.


The best Superman ever made with the cutest Superman ever. I expect we have found a new super sexy sex symbol and he can act to boot! I need a cold shower. Broadway Showbiz Network

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