Looking For Some Theater Picks Over The Holidays?

List of great picks to see On and Off Broadway.


On Broadway:

Play: “KING CHARLES 111: This exciting, new play about the Royals might be fiction, but it is very entertaining. The playwright is the new Shakespeare and writes a very clever play about what could happen if the Queen died and Charles became the King. The show might be 2 hours and 30 minutes, but it flies by and feels like it was over in 1 hour. If you love The Royals and Shakespeare as I do, you will be thoroughly engrossed in this major play. It is a limited run, get tickets to this as it is spectacular.

afeet1Musical:  On Your Feet!” If you love the music of Gloria Estefan and incredible choreography you won’t want to miss ” On Your Feet” the show is very energetic, and the dancing from the entire cast will make you want to conga all the way home.

Musical Off Broadway: Get to The Public before First Daughter Suite closes. The show is a unique musical about the First Ladies and their daughters. The music is glorious as is the choreography. Alison Fraser is a standout as Betty Ford. I hope this show will move to Broadway as it is an excellent show that can’t be missed! Hurry, the show closes on 11/23. Hope someone will move this show to either a large Off Broadway theater or Broadway. It is fantastic and deserves a longer run!

Musical Off Broadway: See “Daddy Long Legs at the Davenport Theater. The show is a beautiful and romantic musical that is heart-warming and perfect for the entire family but better for date night.

Other picks:

” Spring Awakening” on Broadway. If you love the music of Dunkin Sheik, this new version is not to be missed. This show is not for children as there are adult themes. Teenagers and up.

“Something Rotten”  A hysterical show that makes fun of Broadway shows. The music is great, and the very talented cast are not to be missed. I saw this last season and would love to see it a second time. Christian Borle is super sexy as a rock star Shakespeare and Brian D’Arcy James has a leading role.

If you are a dog lover, you might get a kick out of ” Sylvia” on Broadway.  Annaleigh Ashford is a comic genius, and you almost forget she is not a dog. I had a good time. She steals the entire show. Sit!

Photo by Thomas Raynor

Photo by Thomas Raynor

Corine Dana Cohen


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