Living On Love- Can You Say Fun!


The show revolves around Renee Fleming ( An Opera Diva), and Douglas Sills (Vito De Angelis) the couple is self-absorbed and egomaniacs. They are running low on money and decide to have ghost writers help them write a biography so they can get an advance to keep them living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. ( Cue Robin Leach)

Jerry O’ Connell who was in ( Stand By Me when he was just a child, which happens to be one of my favorite films. A classic, rent it if you have never seen it) plays a poor writer who is trying to write Vito’s book but Vito ‘s hard to work with. Another book writer played by the hilarious  Anna Chlumsky comes to convince Vito to work with her to complete his book as the publishing company needs to move forward, or he will have to pay back his advance. All hell breaks loose, and I won’t spoil it.

The play is very entertaining. Douglas Sills is over the top as usual and hilarious. I was fortunate to sit in the fifth row of the theater and watching Sills weave his magic was hilarious. Renee is new to theater, in fact, it is her Broadway debut. And while other critics are knocking her performance I felt she was a pleasure to watch especially with the help of Bill Berloni, animal trainer!  She brings out her adorable dog and dresses him in the cutest costumes. I am a dog person, but you will have to be a grinch not to smile from the cute dog and costumes. Also, whenever she sings, it is like being in heaven. She is considered one of the top Opera stars of our time and it was a thrill to be that close to her.

Also, Blake Hammond plays one of the butlers for the crazy diva couple, and he manages to steal the show in many scenes. It is time for him to have a leading role on Broadway as he is hysterical, talented and has a great singing voice. The show is a lot of fun and Corine’s pick. The cast all work well together, and it is pure entertainment. Light, sunny and fun.

Congrats to all involved in this very entertaining evening out. You will smile for hours after seeing it. In fact, I am still smiling 24 hours after seeing it.

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