Leslie Jordan

Go and see my favorite Will and Grace Star and check out this interview I did a few years ago when he was nominated for a Drama Desk Award for his show. He is such a giant talent and a great person. I adore him!lj 





Leslie Jordan

Fresh off of his record setting 35 city national show tour and as a first time author, both titled My Trip Down the Pink Carpet, beloved Emmy Award winning actor/comedian LESLIE JORDAN returns to one of his favorite traipsing grounds, Provincetown, to kick off his latest stage show. Aptly titled FULL OF GIN & REGRET, Jordan continues to regale adoring audiences while commanding center stage, weaving tales both personal and public about his astonishing life and career.
Jordan’s return to the stage is “Full of Gin & Regret” with east coast debut

Jordan is a small town man with a giant propensity for scene stealing. Best known for his bravura recurring role as Karen’s nemesis, Beverley Leslie, on Will & Grace (for which he won his Emmy for Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series, 2006) as well as the now iconic Brother Boy of both the original film Sordid Lives and the recent Logo TV sensation, Sordid Lives, The Prequel, he has also made dozens of memorable appearances in commercials and hits shows such as Alley McBeal, Boston Legal, Murphy Brown, Monk and as a series regular on Hearts Afire.

The self-proclaimed “gayest man I know” has publicly chronicled his start in show biz from when he boarded a Greyhound bus bound for Hollywood with $1,200 sewn into his underpants to the heights of his lucrative and varied career. His pocket-size physique and inescapable talent for delivering high camp and hilarity single him “out” by choice and simply by being himself. Success has not been without its dangerous temptations along the way; a self-proclaimed former battle with various addictions, self-loathing and even some brief jail time get equal billing to the many other, now infamous Jordan tales. His storytelling of the famous, the high (and not so high) and mighty is salaciously spicey, rollicking fun, fast paced, full of wit, Southern style panache and plenty of biting asides.

FULL OF GIN & REGRET elaborates upon the life experience of this rare individual who tells it like it is, was, needs to be and continues to be; comically overwrought childhood agonies, offbeat observations and most dashingly, revealing celebrity encounters which keeps his audiences clamoring for more. True to form, Jordan’s latest collection will certainly not disappoint!



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