Jurassic World.

jw3Jurassic World is for movie lovers  that love incredible heart pounding special effects. In the new film the dinosaurs are so much larger with bigger teeth and the 3D action is a thrill ride from start to finish. The animated dinosaurs are so real and Spielberg’s film has gone to new heights in special effects.

This film is huge in special effects and scary, non stop action. Not for young children. There are many scenes with giant dinosaurs that run after and hunt down the poor guests on the island. It is also not for people who don’t like action films. I was really impressed with the realistic special effects and was thrilled by the non stop action.

Four stars for special effects. The actors are great and it is exactly what it is meant to be. Great special effects and animation. The film delivers. Not for the faint of heart. My heart was racing very fast. For adults over the age of 16.

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