Jose’ Llana: “King And I” Run, Run Run Like Eliza But See It!


In this image released by Lincoln Center Theater, Jose Llana appears during a performance of "The King and I." Llana, 39, has stepped into a role made famous by Yul Brynner, who was king for more than 4,600 performances. But the younger actor has made the king his own, even purposely standing slightly differently than Brynner?s famous akimbo stance. (Paul Kolnik/Lincoln Center Theater via AP)

(Paul Kolnik/Lincoln Center Theater)

I have seen “The King And I” three times. When I heard Jose’ Llana was cast as the King, I had to see it one more time. The show has improved 1000 percent from the last time I saw it, and it has to do with Jose’ Llana. His voice is perfection. He has chemistry with Ruthie Ann Miles and Kelli O’Hara. He is an incredible singer and actor, and you can understand him. I do believe if he was cast at the start of this show that he would have been nominated and possibly would have won the Tony and The Drama Desk.

He is perfection! This production is glorious now. RUN LIKE ELIZA. RUN. Run!!!!!! It is about as perfect as you can get! In an ideal World, he would remain in the role.

Also, the dance and choreography is beautiful. The costumes and sets are stunning and let’s never forget the gorgeous music of Rodgers and Hammerstein.

I am on a cloud from the entire production. Ruthie Ann Miles and Kelli O’Hara both won Tony awards and are even better now. Why? The casting is perfection. Go and see it.

Corine Cohen

I bow down to the KING, Jose’ Llana! Shall we dance? I danced all the way home!

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