Jennifer Holliday At 54 Below.


When I saw Jennifer Holliday was playing in the most beautiful room on the Upper West side I was truly excited. I had very supportive parents who took me to see her in Dreamgirls on Broadway. Seeing her sing ” I’M TELLIN YOU” was the moment I realized how powerful theatre is and I was hooked from that point on.

Jennifer Holliday was made famous at that point and really needs to be seen again. Her powerful and stunning voice gives me chills. Her concert at the glorious 54 Below was the best cabaret show I have ever seen. The woman 32 years later still has it and needs to be seen and often.

I’M TELLING YOU… SHE NEEDS TO BE ON BROADWAY. In Cabaret rooms. In concert. Everywhere! Jennifer Holliday is a super talent and her cabaret show at 54 Below proved to be the most entertaining show I have seen in 32 years. I was moved and yes see her if you can. She’s the real deal a true superstar!

I’M TELLING YOU…. You better see this show or you will be missing out on the experience of a lifetime.

Corine Cohen Lyrics below:


And I am tellin’ you I’m not goin’
You’re the best man I’ll ever know
There’s no way I can ever go
No, no, there’s no way
No, no, no, no, way

I’m livin’ without you
I’m not livin’ without you
I don’t wanna be free
I’m stayin’, I’m stayin’
And you, and you
You’re gonna love me

We do love her!


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