Interview With Lady Bird’s Beanie Feldstein.

Interview With Lady Bird's Beanie Feldstein. 1


Interview With Lady Bird's Beanie Feldstein.

Corine Cohen: I was, blown away by your performance in Lady Bird and as Minnie Fay in “Hello, Dolly” on Broadway. Your bubbly charm came through, and I loved an interview you did about being a tour guide for your College on Conan. You are naturally funny. Did you know you wanted to be an actress at birth or did you decide in College?


Beanie Feldstein: I’ve always known that I wanted to be an actor. I took dance classes as a toddler and loved them. My mum took me to the theatre, and I just knew I wanted to do that. I moved into Community theatre and professional theatre in LA and had always loved musicals!


Corine Cohen:  You shine in film and on the stage, which is more rewarding?


Beanie Feldstein: Both are very rewarding. I honestly could never pick. There is something special about feeling an audience at the moment on stage but likewise something extraordinary about knowing that when you are shooting on a film set, that this is the one day an opportunity to play that character in that scene. For a film, you have, say, three hours to play a person. You don’t get to go the next day again as you do in theatre.

Both are very rewarding. I can’t choose!


Corine Cohen: You are great in both! “Lady Bird”  is an extraordinary film do you have any funny stories you can share behind the scenes?


Beanie Feldstein: I’m not sure about funny stories but every day was so much fun! I remember a lot of dancing on set! For the two big dances, Homecoming and Prom, Greta would just let the camera roll, and we would just get so swept up in the dancing. We would finish dripping with sweat but have so much fun! Most of my stuff was getting to be in love with Saorise which couldn’t have been more of a delicious experience.


Corine Cohen: Saorise is a great actress, glad you had fun! I know you are close friends with  Ben Platt from Dear Evan Hansen did that show break your heart? His performance is brilliant!


Beanie Feldstein: Of course! I cry thinking about that show! Ben created something so special, and I can’t believe that Noah and Taylor, who are also two of my close friends, are going to continue what Ben started.


Corine Cohen: That is great! What is your favorite part of Lady Bird?


Beanie Feldstein: That’s so hard probably anytime Stephen McKinley Henderson is on screen because he is the love of my life!! I want to hold his hand and take all of his wisdom!


Corine Cohen: That is so cute! What is your favorite part of “Hello Dolly?”


Beanie Feldstein: My favorite part is the song ‘Dancing.’ I never thought I’d be dancing on Broadway with the most talented company and dancers. I love running around and dancing, and I never thought I’d get to do it!


Corine Cohen: You look like you are having the best time! You moved me so much! What is it like to work in the happiest musical on Broadway?


Beanie Feldstein: Just as joyous as you think it is! It’s an extraordinary thing to see how genuinely thrilled people are at the end of the show. It’s such a joy for us to see people that happy. I get it! It makes me happy too!


Corine Cohen: I could not stop crying as the show moved me so much!Did you go to Bette Midler’s swanky Halloween party? Jennifer Simard, who is in Dolly had a very creative costume I think she went as a BEE!


Beanie Feldstein: I was there! The entire cast and crew were! It was a blast. I was a bull, and Gavin Creel was a matador – we went as a costume duo.

Jennifer was amazing. Her and Melanie Moore are my dressing roommates, and I love them so much.


Corine Cohen: Jennifer speaks very well of you! What is next for you? You’re such a talent, and I am looking forward to your next projects!


Beanie Feldstein: That is so nice of you to say! Right now, I’m focused on bringing Minnie Fay to the world every day and getting to share Ladybird with everyone! And if Greta ever does anything again I want to be in it!


You can catch Beanie Feldstein in Lady Bird and on Broadway in “Hello, Dolly” the most celebrated musical of my lifetime! I hope to see it a second time, and I adored Lady Bird which is currently playing Nation Wide as of today!





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