Interview with Glenn Tilbrook: Squeeze, The Fluffers.

Last night I covered Glenn Tilbrook’s concert with Simon Hanson they were singing some of Glenn’s new music he has recorded a new CD and info will be posted shortly. Glenn Tilbrook and Squeeze are favorites and as many of my friends know my favorite band of all time. It was great to see him perform in such a beautiful and intimate space: CITY WINERY. The most incredible place for a concert as you feel as if you are sitting in a living room while eating the most amazing food and drinking the most scrumptious wine.

Glenn just started his tour around the World and it goes till Oct 16th. I will post more about his tour dates soon. His show was brilliant and the big standout was his drummer Simon Hanson who is one of the most charming men I have ever met his interview will be up later.



Glenn Tilbrook

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