Interview with Amy and Elizabeth Ziff BETTY.

Interview with Amy and Elizabeth From The Band BETTY and

Corine Cohen: How did you come up with IT GIRL? It is one of my favorite songs and my favorite of your hit show BETTY RULES.

Elizabeth Ziff: I originally wrote this song for a huge, very chic queer party that was happening in the west village years ago that my girlfriend at the time, Maggie Moore, produced. All the IT GIRLS of the moment went. Over 4,000 women! It was at the photography warehouse Industria. Then I brought it to BETTY, and it became an anthem for girls, women, men, and boys everywhere!

Corine: How interesting, Elizabeth! Would you ever bring BETTY RULES, back?
Elizabeth: We’ve joked about bringing it back as Daughter of BETTY RULES. I think it would be fun to bring back, but maybe with people playing our parts. Eight shows a week is for the birds. It gave me a lot of respect for actors, though. We’ve written other Television things too. But stage acting is something that my sister Amy and Alyson both excel at, so who knows? If Michael Grief were up to directing again, I think we all could create a great sequel!

Corine: Sounds incredible! Hope it happens, Elizabeth! Will you sing any of the Betty Rules song list at the concert? JUNGLE JANE? IT GIRL?
Amy Ziff: Aha! Great question. We are planning on doing old faves and new ones from our new record ON THE ROCKS, plus a couple of ones we’ve never performed before. Should be very exciting!What is new for the band?Lots. New Music, new recordings, new projects- including museum pieces, also creating a Women’s music festival that starts off in Tel Aviv…and touring.
Also, we are trying to use our voices to resist and persist against the new “regime” in The White House…and try to provide distraction and inspiration with our music and live shows.

Corine: Thank you, Amy! What music, do you listen to?
Amy: Everything from Edith Piaf to NAneff…oh and lots of BETTY songs.

Corine:  Which song is your favorite?
Amy: It changes every day. Something to inspire and help dream and work for better tomorrows.

You can catch Amy and Elizabeth Ziff at City Winery on April 9th. Should be an incredible concert. I was a big fan of the Off-Broadway sensation BETTY RULES which played at the Zipper, hoping Daughter of BETTY RULES happens. It was a blast! You can see the band BETTY Live at City Winery at 7.

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