Heather Headley Is A Miracle In The Color Purple.

Heather Headley Is A Miracle In The Color Purple.


The show is based on a novel by Alice Walker, which was made into the famous movie with Oprah Winfrey as Sophia and Whoopi Goldberg as Celie. The show ran ten years ago, and this is a revival of that show. The story is about two daughters Celie and Nettie; both are abused by their Father and Celie, the older daughter, is sent off to marry a man that does not love her and calls her ugly. He is an absolute horror who abuses Celie. Celie’s sister Nettie goes off to Africa and Celie’s horrible husband whom she calls Mister hides her letters from her, so she does not know Nettie is alive. The show is Celie’s journey on how she deals with her abusive husband and how she falls for Shug Avery, as Shug see’s her beauty. It is a story about dealing with life and how to rise above cruelty.

Heather Headley brings so much razzle dazzle to Shug Avery. She lights up the theater, and the chemistry between her Shug and Celie is off the charts. I was euphoric to make a second visit to see Headley in the role. She is a great actress and puts everything into the role. She has a powerful voice and when she sings you can’t take your eyes off her. She knows how to push the button!

Heather Headley has been away from Broadway for way too long! This show should run for years, and the cast is on fire. You should go and see it as the show is truly magical.

Cynthia Erivo: Is captivating as Celie and seems even stronger than the first time I saw the production. She is a strong contender for the Tony Award this year. I do believe if Headley were cast at the start she would have a nomination for best-supporting actress as well.

My one problem was with the sound. It was a bit too loud. It seemed to be a technical issue as the last time I saw the show it was not nearly as loud as tonight.

All the women in the cast were brilliant. Danielle Brooks is strong and funny as Sophia. I loved Felicia P. Fields in the original production and Danielle is perfectly cast as Sophia. I also adored Patrice Covington as Squeak; she is hilarious!

The Color Purple is a must see. It’s beautiful!Heather Headley Is A Miracle In The Color Purple. 1

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