I grew up listening to the first true girl rock band in the 80’s. The Go Go’s were and are a favorite. Love the music. If you grew up listening to them, you would enjoy the music. I went in and looked at it as a Concert and had a great time. The music is excellent, but if you never listened to them, you might not like it as much as I did.

The dancers and singers are terrific. The story has a good message about inclusion and the cast work hard. It is a campy musical with gay themes.

Standouts are Bonnie Milligan as a vain Princess. Andrew Durand is hilarious as a Shepard who falls for the other Princess and dresses as a female warrior to try and be with the woman he loves. He is over the top and very funny. The dancers are all excellent, and the biggest standout is the choreography by Spencer Liff.

I wanted to dance along the aisles. If you grew up with the GO GO’S, you wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. It might not appeal to younger and older audiences who never heard the music of this iconic band.

The dancers, however, make the experience a joyful campy romp.

Corine Cohen


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