Genting Palace: The Most Incredible Dim Sum!

yumIf you want to try the best dim sum you need to check out Genting Palace in Queens. It is among the finest dim sum I have ever tasted. . They have an all you can eat Dim Sum lunch for $14.99 per person which I plan on doing once a month. They also have great shows and gambling what more do you need!

Genting Palace 

The Dim Sum lunch is only $14.99 Wed- Sunday. A great experience. Hope to see you there as I plan on going often. I heard that they are working on a bus direct from Manhattan and when that happens I will be going pretty often as it was exceptional food.  It might be as early as next week. I was really impressed with the scrumptious dumplings and pork buns and the spring rolls were the best I have ever tasted. Go!


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