Exodus Gods and Kings.



Exodus Gods and Kings is a lavish, giant blockbuster with thrilling special effects, bulging muscles and 3D animation. No details have been spared. It also has an A List cast including Ben Kingsley, Sigourney Weaver, Christian Bale but for me the best acting came from Ramses, the Pharoah played by Joel Edgerton, who steals the film as the evil Pharoah who does not want to let the slaves leave Egypt. His sex appeal with a bald head and broad shoulders made it difficult to hate him. He played the role as a good Father figure. 

In this film the plagues are all 3D and the creepy factor of seeing all those bugs, frogs, crocodile’s etc was pretty high tech. See it for the special effects and pure indulgence. Fox and TSG employed 15,000 people to make this film and it was very large and impressive.

Corine Cohen

 Special effects: 4 stars, acting 3 stars.


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