End of An Era…. The Equal Rights Movement. Hoping for a new series….MAD WOMEN.

MADMEN1Mad-WomenWhile I am sad that tonight is the finale of ” MAD MEN” I am hoping Michael Weiner, the writer of the show considers writing a sequel called: ” MAD WOMEN, The women of Mad Men fight for equal rights in the 70’s. They convince John Slattery to create a new agency helping women in advertising. The show will focus on: Peggy, Joan, Sally, Megan and Pete and some of the other men continue at the firm. It is a new era, the 70’s a time for equality. Bryan Batt’s character comes back and helps them start a new agency. In addition, we see new characters and a new organization is brought in called Careers for Women and women sell advertising as well. Hopefully, Betty does not die from lung cancer. Sally has graduated College and is working at the agency.

Hoping this happens. MAD WOMEN A new era. The Equal rights era.

Corine Cohen

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