Disney’s Big Broadway Hit!

Disney’s new big Broadway Musical “Aladdin” is a sure fire hit. The new musical dance extravaganza is a dance lovers dream. The show is based on the very popular Disney animated film “Aladdin” with music by Alan Menken and lyrics by Tim Rice and Howard Ashman.  This production will please the children but it will also wow the adults especially if you are a Broadway, tango, tap dance fan. 

James Monroe Inglehart who was last seen in “MEMPHIS” is now the Genie and is perfection in the role. This role was voiced  by Robin Williams in the film. James is  very funny, charming and hilarious in every scene he is in. He makes the role his own while showing his incredible dancing and acting skills. The show is very campy and in one scene stealer he does a tribute parody to other Disney musicals such as Beauty and The Beast, The Lion King and more. It was hilarious. The best part they made fun of  Dancing With The Stars (BBC production that airs on ABC) showing a tango and three judges and a mirror ball. This might go over the childrens head while supplying fun for DWTS fans.

The choregraphy and direction in this production is  perfection! ( Casey Nicholaw) It is a huge Broadway production with lavish dance numbers with style, flair and glitzy costumes. There is so much sequins it was a bit distracting. When Aladdin turns into a Prince he had more sequins than Liza in Liza with a Z.

The story is about ” ALADDIN” a thief who has no family and has to steal to support himself. One day he meets Jasmine a Princess who escapes the palace to see what goes on outside her palace jail. The two fall in love and Aladdin finds a magic lamp and wishes to be a Prince so he can woo the Princess and get the girl ( Think Little Mermaid)

This production is very lavish in every category from flying magic carpets to the details on the sequins nothing has been spared. For me, the greatest part of the show is the dance and incredible music and lyrics. It has the most memorable songs that you will hum for days after seeing the show. If you have a child bring them to this wonderful show. If you are a big kid who still loves Disney take yourself.  This production is magic!

Corine Cohen

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