Disney Makes A Brave Move!



As a kid I was brought up and raised on Disney films and have always loved them. The other day I saw BRAVE, which was the first Disney film where a Disney Princess did not want to find her Prince Charming.


Merida, a Scottish Princess with curly red locks, a mind of her own, defies her Mother who nags her about everything. She wants to marry off her daughter to one of the royal princes that traveled far and wide to compete to win her hand. 

This Princess does not want to be rushed into marriage. She wants to ride her horse and enjoy her life. For this reason I was impressed with BRAVE.

BRAVE is not for children. It is for teenage girls and older and it is a film that is very BRAVE. Instead of looking for her Prince Merida wants to find herself and grow into a wonderful woman.

I loved Brave and hope you will see it. It is not for children under 8 as there are some scary parts that will frighten small children.

Brave is empowering as the message is not to find your Prince charming, rather to find yourself and be happy with your choices.

Corine Dana Cohen

Brave is now available to purchase on video. A must see!



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