Dancing With The Stars 10/13/2014



Tonight was the famous switch up. It was a very exciting night. The judges seemed to be very unfair following in the footsteps of the singing judge who started the night giving a 6 to Antonio which I didn’t agree with.

My favorite dance of the night was with Val and Lea even though it was very confusing to this Broadway fan. Val used music from Hairspray and played You Can’t Stop the Beat and added some of the choreography out of The Producers ( The Granny’s with walkers) While I loved both of those shows and I did see them on Broadway, I was sort of shocked he did not do a tribute to BURN THE FLOOR which starred his Brother and many of the PROS and Troupe including: Sasha Farber who stole the show when I saw it in NYC. ( Others in that show Karina, Derek, Maks and Peta, Giselle Peacock and Sharna) All danced in the show and Karina and Maks were recently on Broadway in FOREVER TANGO. A number with those two shows would have been better. HINT HINT.( If you can’t tell I am a fan of Burn The Floor it is the show that made me a bigger fan of DWTS AND YES I MISS IT.) What about BURN THE FLOOR night?

I do love DWTS and the people dancing on the show but it would have made more sense to show people across the country some of BURN THE FLOOR and Forever Tango as both were on Broadway. Hairspray happens to be a great Broadway musical but while mixing it with The Producers it was a bit confusing.

Corine Cohen

I did give a vote to Val and Lea as it was a great dance regardless and I was happy Sasha was given a plug he deserves it and should be a pro.

Also here is a link of a press event I attended to shoot Karina and Maksim when they were on Broadway in Forever Tango recently 



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