creed1If you remember the original ” Rocky” films, this new film ” Creed” is a contender. It has a great script and this time when Sly Stallone did not write the film, the moviecreed gets to show Sly’s  great acting chops. This film is full of heart and a great story. This time, Apollo Creed’s son is the star and Rocky takes a step back and becomes Mick. Creed’s Son never got to meet Apollo as he has died before his son was born. His son was put in a state home for orphans until he is adopted by Creeds wife. (The Son was from Creed’s mistress, and both parents have died) Creed’s wife played by an amazing Phylicia Rashad.

Creed goes to Philadelphia to seek out Rocky’s help and gets him to train him. They bond,  Creed falls for a hearing impaired neighbor and Sly seems to become like Mikey.  The saddest part in the film is when Rocky goes to his wife’s grave and talks to her and her Brother Paulie. Rocky is lonely; he has aged and owns a restaurant in Philadelphia. Creed’s son has become like family, and there is a deep bond. Rocky finds out that he has cancer and Creed agrees to fight if Rocky fights his cancer.

If you’re a fan of the Rocky franchise, you will adore this film. If you’re too young to remember the past six films go and watch all of them and don’t miss the latest version. It took me back. DO DO DO DO. ( If you don’t know this song google Rocky movie soundtrack)

Major kudos to everyone involved in this wonderful film. Sly Stallone gives his best performance in years! I hope they make more!

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