Company XIV NUTCRACKER ROUGE. For Mature Audiences Only!

This dance piece is like nothing you have ever seen. Men dancing with sequins and major butt crack. It is very creative. Very naughty and very nice.

The choreography by Austin McCormack is visually dazzling and very sensual. It might offend and there is an age requirement of 16 and up. I would say the age should be 21 and up.  The show is especially dazzling in the second act.

Marcy Richardson does not disappoint with her stunning voice and special  ring dance.  Nick and Ross Katen dazzle us with some amazing circus stunts.

The show is a theatrical experience and a fun night out. I think a few drinks before would have made it more fun.rouge

Video shot by Bob Johnson. The show made an announcement that video was encouraged during the show unlike other shows where it is illegal. Please understand this video was shot on his cellphone as we didn’t know we could shoot this. ( I would have brought my professional camcorder)

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