Review: Cafe’ Society.


Cafe' Society

Are you a Woody Allen fan? Do you like his writing? If you do, you will be highly entertained by the very funny Cafe’ Society. Cafe’ Society starts in the Bronx. Jesse Eisenberg plays a young man that wants to make something of his life, so his relatives send him to his Uncle a hot-shot talent agent that works in Hollywood. There he meets a beautiful girl played by Kristen Stewart. He falls for her, and they become great friends. He does everything in his power to win her love the only problem is she is in love with someone else. His Uncle who of course is married!

The film is hilarious and strange per Woody Allen humor. Woody Allen is intelligent, and he always has me howling and gasping for air with his witty humor. This time, Jesse Eisenberg’s family all try to help him, but all hurt him. His Uncle in California is having an affair with the women he has chemistry with. He ends up leaving as he is upset that his friend falls for his Uncle who is married and cheating on his wife.(Sounds familiar) He moves back to NYC and his other Uncle a shady mafia type opens a ritzy club that looked a lot like the Edison Ballroom. He runs the club and all hell breaks loose as his other Uncle embezzles money and also kills a nasty next door neighbor and gets caught. Some of the funniest moments stem from his relatives in the Bronx.( Especially his bickering over protective parents and Jewish tough Mafia Uncle!)

The movie has gorgeous costumes, great sets and Kristen Stewart is perfectly cast as the love of both men. It explores relationships and asks what would happen if you made different choices with your life. Should Kristen’s character fall for the young man her age or his wealthy older Uncle? The movie was very entertaining! I didn’t want the film to end as I was having such a good time. (I was literally laughing out loud!)

Jesse Eisenberg seemed to be channeling Woody Allen, but whenever I hear him, I think of Blu from the Rio films.  Kristen Stewart gives the best performance of her career. She has chemistry with Eisenberg, and you want the two to become a couple.

It is a period piece that still has its appeal.

Corine Dana Cohen for Broadway Showbiz.

Three stars out of four.

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