I was blown away by the Off-Broadway Production of “SENSE AND SENSIBILITY” written by Jane Austen which is adapted for the stage by Kate Hammill.  The Direction by Eric Tucker is perfection.

If you live for parody, you will love this production. It is hysterically funny, and the cast is over the top. The energetic cast plays dozens of parts and flies through the small stage at Judson Gym on moving chairs,and tables. Some play horses and change their roles with the flip of a wig.

The book tells of the Dashwood family. When they lose their Father they can’t inherit the family fortune or home and move to start a new life. The story follows them through love and loss.

The show is a must see because the cast are all funny and you will have a great time!

The show has extended again so go and see it. One would hope that this show would move to a larger and more comfortable theater. The one issue I have with Judson gym is the very uncomfortable seats. The seats are made for a 60-pound midget and are harder than a rock. If you have a cushion and back pillow, bring it, or you might go numb. The show was worth it, regardless. This show is fabulous, and I would love it to move to another theater and have an open ended run. Yes. It is that good!

4 Stars out of 4 for the play.

1 Star out of 4 for the theater.

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