August Osage County.


August Osage County was a brilliant Broadway show that was made into a big blockbuster film with Streep, Julia Roberts, Sam Shepard. The piece feels like a Shepard play. Rough, real, raw. It is about a truly hideous family that scream, yell and do terrible things to each other. This is not the Brady Bunch. Julia Roberts is bare without makeup, angry and not sweet. Hard and not pretty but Roberts should get an Oscar for her role as a bitter, unhappy women who lost her husband to a younger and prettier woman.

Streep has always shown her amazing acting chops and in this role deserves Best Actress for her truly hideous role as a Mother from hell. If you love brilliant acting you should not miss August Osage County but be warned. This is not Disney and while it is riveting and raw it might be difficult to watch without your stomach tied in knots.

I do think Streep and Roberts are up for awards come OSCAR time and it is a must see for lovers of the play.

Corine Cohen

Broadway Showbiz Network

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