Arlo Hill: Review 54 Below.

Before doing my interview with Arlo Hill I never heard of him. He has been in many Encores concerts and is a swing at Phantom of the Opera when people are on vacation but this kid has great stage  presence and has a perfect voice. 

In our interview last week, he told me his dream is to star in “Hello Dolly” on Broadway.  I hope to see him on Broadway as I was entertained at his show at 54 Below. Here is his set list.


I’ve Been in Love Before

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

piano: Bach French Suite No. 2 in c minor

I Wish I Were Twins

Where The Grass Grows Green

Bang the Bell Rang

Says My Heart  [in the house]

Two Sleepy People

Hoop Dee Doo 

Sand in my Shoes 


The Lady’s in Love with You 

Let’s Get Lost 

I Don’t Want to Walk Without You 

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year

Have I Stayed Away Too Long

Once in Love with Amy 

My Time of Day

I’ve Never Been in Love Before

Standing on the Corner 

Don’t Cry 

Never Will I Marry 

Asking for Trouble

I Believe in You

I Cannot Let You Go 

Down the Stairs, Out the Door 

Heart and Soul 

[Encore]: Slow Boat to China 

I hope to have some video of his concert to show you. Arlo Hill is very talented. Hope to see him on Broadway and soon.

Corine Cohen


Watch our interview from last week here: 

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