A Dog Story. The Sweetest Show Off-Broadway.

A Dog Story

Are you a dog lover? Do you have a friend that loves musicals and dogs? If so, you will love this Off- Broadway musical in the Ken Davenport Theater. It is the sweetest musical Off- Broadway and only 90 minutes. I especially loved the choreography by Shannon Lewis. In one of the numbers, there is a Tango which was fab and not expected in such a small and intimate theater.

The show has some great songs, and it is a romantic comedy that has some strange scenes you won’t expect. The lead actor, David Pearlman plays Roland, a geeky Lawyer at a New York Law firm that is looking for a wife as all his Co-workers are being promoted because they have a wife. He is determined to find the perfect wife so he can become a partner. He is very hyper and nerdy and does not know how to talk to beautiful women. His friend, tells him to get a dog and women will talk to him.

The show is adorable and predictable, but as a dog person, I was glad to see it.

This show has adult themes, so this is not the show to bring children. This show is a great date show or show to see with friends. It is playing through January 15th.

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